Gene Buel Photos

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Brooke, Carpenter & Hannan Cottages sometime between

1916 and 1926 (Post Card)

Arial Photo 1941 - Donated by Paul Sloan

US Department of Agriculture 09-19-1941

Michigan Supreme Court Justice

Flavius L Brooke

Founder of the Russell Island Company

​1914 to 1921

Post Cards from Camp Algonac

Russell Island Company 1914

​Liber 23 - Page 6 (Abstract Included)

Christian F Danke

Lived on Russell Island in 1802

Henry's Restaurant 1937

Gas Station in the Photo 1933

Russell Island Company 1926

Liber 46 Page 9

Phyllis Hamel-Scott at the Pop-Stand

Late 1920's or Early 1930's

Camp Algonac 1905 to 1910

Navigation Maps(this map 1903)

William W Hannan

Founder of the Russell Island Company

​1914 to 1917

Russell Island Company 1920

Liber 34 Page 8

Michigan Supreme Court Justice

William L Carpenter

Founder of the Russell Island Company

​1914 to 1936

Detroit Urban Railway

1900 - 1922

Sand Island 1928

Liber 48 - Page 36

1874 Navigation Map

Russell Island Company Stock Certificate Liber 221 - Pages 1 to 32 (33-640 Blank)

Fred Jr & Bill Buesser 1958

​Post Cards made by the native people of Walpole Island and sold to the passengers of the large steam ships as they made their stops up and down the river.

Russell Island Company 1920

Liber 34 Page 6

Russell Island Company 1928

Final Re-draw(?) before RIPOA in 1946

Map from Havey LeFevre - 1956

Now hangs in a Museum Glassed Frame

1876 Survey Map

Russell Island History

Beach Dock 1940's

Bernie Ohlert on roof top?

Russell Island Advertising

From Camp Algonac to Today

George Brown

The Gar Wood Plant

09-01-1933 (Peter S)

Barney Moosekian

Ferry Boats and The Captains

Bill Buesser 1954

Re-draw by Tom Scott in 1964 and then Highlighted for RIF after 1986

Charles Kerry

Russell Island Company 1927

Liber 48 Page 8

1897 Survey Map

Post Cards provided by Kathy Engelhart

Russell Island Title Abstract 1824 to 1914.

AKA: Brakeman's Island from 1812 to 1855.

​This survey map is from 1828.

The name "Russell Island" was set in stone for

advertising by the founders for Camp Algonac.

St Clair, MI 1868

1896 Guide Map - Ferry Routes