The Tashmoo at The Big Dock - Russell Island

​​Island Queen I a Walpole Island Ferry Service "Indian Ferry" prior to 1929. Passengers had to clear customs on Walpole Island before coming to Russell Island and then they would have to clear customs again when leaving Russell Island.

​George Brown bought the

Island Queen I in 1929

and started the ferry service as we know it today.

Captains: under George Brown:
Percy Genaw

Franklin Smith "Smitty"

Champion's Auto Ferry

1937 - Present Day

Cindy Padden

CM Gilbert's Ferry "The Eloise" 

1915 - 1929?

Used by Charles Kerry, the Salesman for the Hannan Real-Estate Exchange.

He moved from Detroit to sell property for the newly formed Russell Island Company that Willian Hannan owner 1/3 of (120 out of 360 shares).

Charles Kerry can be seen in the row boat in front of the ferry (photo below). The Algonac office was across the street from the ferry landing.


 Charles Kerry

 George Brown

 ​CM Gilbert

Island Queen I

Ferry Boats & The Captains

​Post Cards made by the native people of Walpole Island and sold to the passengers of the large steam ships as they made their stops up and down the river.

Navigation Maps(this map 1903)

The Big Dock - Beach Dock

SS Wauketa

Served Russell Island from

19xx to 19xx's?​

SS Florida

Served Russell Island from

19xx to 19xx's?​

Patches and the Barge

1985 - Present Day

Bernie Schenk

Island Queen II

Bud Breitmeyer

SS Mary

Served Russell Island from

19xx to 19xx's?​

SS Tashmoo 1899 - 1936

Served Russell Island from
1900 to 1930's?​

SS Mineral City

Served Russell Island from

19xx to 19xx's?​

The Islander

1983 - Present Day


Bud Breitmeyer 1983 - 2015

Bernie Schenk 2016 - Present Day​

Russell McCartney

Frank Oullette

Camp Algonac 1905 to 1910

Pride of Lake Huron

1947 - 1983


Russell McCartney 1947 - 1966

George Webster 1966 - 1976

Cindy Padden 1976 - 1980​​

George Webster

The Eloise

SS Owana

Served Russell Island from

19xx to 19xx's?​